Louis M. Ohly founded Ohly Law Office in 1971 as a full service real estate law office. We have four attorneys, Louis M. Ohly, Paul M. Ohly, James C. Ohly and Travis M. Ohly, representing three generations. A lot has changed over the past thirty-five years: We traded in our typewriters and carbon paper for computers and laser printers. Sadly, we parted with our shag carpeting for something a bit easier to vacuum, if not as aesthetically pleasing. We’ve even changed locations. Fundamentally however, Ohly Law Office has remained the same. Excellent service and integrity have been and will continue to be, the two constants upon which we base our business. In real estate transactions, we strive to provide the best and most stress free service possible. In other legal matters, the attorneys at Ohly Law Office provide clients outstanding and ethical legal representation.